Behind the Brand, The Name.

Why hello there! Welcome to the blog!
I want to first confess that I am not much of a writer and I plan to do more video and photo content versus writing in the future.  However, I did think it would be fun to do a little behind the scenes series for you. A, "Behind the Brand" sneak peek! This way I can share all about my brand and how it began, and the occasional update. This first post for the series is the journey of how the name and logo came about!


The Name "La Vida. Taprūt."

Taprūt; pronounced tapˌro͞ot.

The name did not come easy to me. I struggled. And because I couldn't figure it out, I stalled...for years. Ok, that is a little dramatic! It was probably two or three years, but it felt like a looooong time. I knew the story I wanted to tell and the concept I wanted to sell, but what in the world did I want to call it!?  I was all over the place from something Tucson related, to a name with 'southwest' in it, but nothing was quite right. I started playing with the idea of native plants. I was actually on the fence with calling it "Creosote" for a while, but something wasn't right. I can't explain it, but I eventually move on. I settled on the idea of it being saguaro related, but goodness there is a lot of that out there already so I needed it to stand out, and not be another "Saguaro Blah Blah". I was envisioning more edgesomething more modern, potentially one word....but whaaaat!?

For weeks I dove deep into researching anything saguaro related that would spark a light bulb moment. I even went to the Tucson Botanical Gardens and quizzed the cacti gardener, who wasn't much help to be honest. Good ol' google was where the light bulb finally lit, ah ha! While reading an article describing the saguaros root system (super unique btw) the word taproot was really sticking out. It was simple, bold and perfect. My mind was immediately filling up with ideas of a logo and potential slogans that signified my roots here in the desert. I just knew, this is it! Taproot but with some edge,  Taprūt.

It has a hidden inspiration, you would never know it was inspired by the famous saguaro cacti without a glance at the logo. Ah, the probably want to hear about how this came about?! It was a whole other journey! Obviously the logo needed to show the root system, but hooow? I doodled constantly all day everyday. At one point I even hired a graphic designer to help out. I actually hated all the submissions this person looked like an upside down poop emoji. No bueno! I got so discouraged that I dropped the whole idea for a couple of months. Branding. Is. Hard. So Hard!

Fun fact! I had actually forgotten how I finally came up with the logo until I was looking back at my sketches while writing this up for you. While struggling through the name and logo, I was also trying to figure out what kind of merchandise I wanted to sell. I did not know it was going to be mostly vintage home goods at this point. I had this idea of hand painted vintage flannels with southwestern/aztec patterns. I was doodling different designs for these when the freaking logo happened!! Ya, flannels...?! The back seam across the shoulders is where I was playing with a half sun and I was really feeling it. I added this sun with some saguaros for another design and was like, "Woah...wait..this looks like it could be roots! I am on to something here". BAM, like that the logo was created. The flannels didn't make the cut but it is interesting to think I never would have had my logo epiphany without going through this flannel debacle. 

Photos of the doodles I made during this logo process. 

Today, I launched the new website and you may have noticed a new addition to the name!

La Vida. Taprūt.

"La Vida". This translates to "The Life" in Spanish. I wanted there to be more of a creative outlet in my brand that showed you more of...well Me. My life, my ideas, my desert lifestyle. I thought it would be smart to update the name to explain Taprūt is more than just a vintage shop. We are so lucky to have a huge Mexican influence therefore Spanish is very common here in the southwest. I was hooked to the idea of using Spanish in my name and it came pretty dang easily. I personally am OBSESSED with this little update. Inserting La Vida, for me, it is inserting the lifestyle aspect of the brand; where you will find blogs, staging ideas, recipes and eventually dinner parties hosted by yours truly.

Well, there you have it, La Vida. Taprūt. Freaking brilliant in my opinion. Honestly, I am still patting myself on the back for this! Oh! And a huge credit goes to one of my best friends, Ashley. She has listened to every brainstorm session over the years and has been that ear I have bounce EVERYTHING off of. Ashley, thank you for all that time and all your edits! Who knows what this brand would be without you.

Alright, that's a wrap!
Till next time,

Incase you were curious:

Saguaro Cactus Root System:
A single taproot grows straight down about 2-5 feet to access water that’s stored deep underground. A saguaro’s main roots, however, extend out horizontally like a maze as far from the plant as it is tall. This special root system helps hold this magnificent plant upright while sometimes weighing up to 8 tons.