Saguaro Pueblo Paddle
Saguaro Pueblo Paddle
Saguaro Pueblo Paddle

Saguaro Pueblo Paddle

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A southwestern inspired board that is a result of a collaboration between La Vida. Taprut and wood burning artist, Alexandra Bowers. This is a functional art piece that you can pull out and use for serving when needed and flip it when not in use to display the beautiful hand burned saguaro.
These are made of hard maple. Alexandra hand sketches each one and then burns and shades in her sketches. No stencils are used so each one is truly unique and one of a kind.

L: 14"
W: 8"

Finish: This is finished with a food safe sealant made of linseed oil and beeswax.

Care: Hand-wash your handmade wooden board with a mild soap and warm water. Wipe dry by hand and allow it to dry upstanding. Never allow your board to sit in water, aka dishwasher or filled sink. Your beautiful board can split or crack under those conditions. White vinegar or lemon can be used to disinfect and remove smelly odors.

Note* After your first wash the board may feel fuzzy. This is normal! With use, the fuzzy surface will eventually wear off and will become smoother. 

Maintaining: Use a food-safe or mineral oil to polish your board when it starts to look dry. This helps maintain its beautiful finish, prevents cracking and protects the grain against bacteria and helps repel water. 

Remember! With proper care, this board will only become more beautiful over time and use! Knife marks, dinks and scuffs will add true character and unique depth.