Emily's Go-To Cheese Boards

I love a good cheese board. I make mini ones for myself all the time. I am here to show you two of the absolutely basic cheese boards that I do time & time again. I will show you one that's for 2-3 people that I do for me and my girls and the one I do for a larger group.
When it's just me or me and the girls I go salty and briny. Peppered salami, parmesan chunks, peperoncini & mustard. Sometimes pickles make it to the board and the occasional green olive. That is it. 80% of the time I don't even bother with a cracker. Super basic and we devourer it. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!
When it is a larger group I add a crunchy salty item, more cheese options, crackers for a base and a touch of something sweet like jam. A handful of nuts are always a crowd pleaser. I love the smoked almonds from Trader Joes. When I add another cheese option I go with brie and/or goat cheese because they both go with jam really well. For jam I always have raspberry jam on hand because that is our favorite for toast and PB&JS. When I want to add something a little more special I will add a fig jam as well. 
I feel like these are super easy boards to recreate. There are no weird hard-to-find ingredients. Trader Joes has delicious cheese but as does any regular grocery store these days. No need to stress about the brand. It is hard to find a parmesan, brie or goat cheese that taste bad!
Cheese boards are so easy to throw together and there is no cooking involved. The perfect appetizer before a meal or snack while enjoying cocktails with the girls.