Spicy Tamarind Vodka Cocktails

For these cocktails, I am absolutely asking you to buy a very specific brand and type of vodka to make these drinks. I am sorry?! But not really because this vodka has changed my life. And I am hoping it does the same for you. Here is the deal; if you are a fan of Mexican candy…this vodka literally tastes exactly like it. What vodka am I talking about?! Meet the Spicy Tamarind Vodka by Smirnoff. It’s sweet, spicy and sour all in one. And because I am asking you to buy this very specific type of vodka, I am giving you not just one, but three ways to shake it up and enjoy!

First up:
Dirty & Spicy Tamarind Vodka Martini
This is my at home cocktail I make weekly! It’s 2 ingredients shaken in ice. Done!

2oz of Spicy Tamarind Vodka by Smirnoff
1oz dill pickle brine
A baby dill or cocktail pickle for garnish
Make it even better with a chamoy and tajin rim

1. Rim the glass! Pour some chamoy into a small dish or shallow bowl and dip the rim of your glass. Follow with a sprinkle of tajin and set glass aside.
2. In a shaker add the vodka, pickle brine and ice. Shake till the shaker gets cold.
3. Pour into rimmed glass and garnish with a pickle or two. (I like 3! One in the beginning, one during and one for the end)
4. Cheers!

Pickle brine isn’t the only brine I use! Take a look in your fridge and see what other brine-y things you have. I have listed a few that I enjoy with proportions I like but obviously you do you! Have fun!

peperoncini brine - 1/2 oz
olive brine 2 oz
giardiniera brine 1 oz
preserved lemon brine - 1/2 oz *hot tip: try with a sugar rim for a tangy salty & sweet treat

Next up:
Lazy Spicy Tamarind Bloody Mary
It's lazy because the ingredient list is SO SHORT and SO do-able and yet it’s still 
absolutely brunch worthy!

2 oz Spicy Tamarind Vodka by Smirnoff
1 oz Clamato

1 oz lemon juice
Chamoy & Tajin

1. Rim your glass with chamoy and sprinkle with Tajin, fill with ice and set aside
2. Add everything into a shaker with ice. Shake until shaker gets cold.
3. Pour in your rimmed glass and cheers! *add a garnish for bonus points like pickles or olives

Last Drink
Dirty White Claw 
It’s not really a recipe…and it may be a total cheat BUT it’s easy, delicious & perfect for a pool/summer gathering.


1 can of your favorite white claw - watermelon, mango or lemon are great
2 oz Spicy Tamarind Vodka by Smirnoff

1. Open your white claw and take a good chug (making room for the vodka)
2. Make a messy rim of chamoy by pouring it around the edge of your can and sprinkle it all with tajin
3. Pour in the Spicy Tamarind Vodka and cheers.